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Locksmith Edmonton Professional & Trustworthy Residential, Commercial & Automotive Locksmiths Services In Edmonton AB

Locked out of your home or business? If you are looking for a emergency locksmith service in Edmonton, simply call us. For the past many years, Our Edmonton locksmith delivering exceptional locksmith solutions to local residents and businesses in Edmonton. . Whether it is cabinet locks or door locks or deadbolts, we handle them all. Our licensed and insured technicians specialize in residential and  commercial locksmith services. We focus on providing unparalleled customer service so that our customers can confidently refer us to their family and friends.

Are you Locked out? Have your home been broken into?

Locksmith Edmonton – For all Your Home Security Needs.

Affordable Locksmith Services In Edmonton

Residential Locksmith

Our locksmiths for homes are expert in a variety of residential locks and deadbolts. Whether to replace, install, re-key or repair locks, we can help.
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Commercial Locksmith

Our office locksmiths excel in installation and replacement of high-security locking systems for offices. We ensure the security of your business.
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Automotive Locksmith

Our car locksmiths are highly experienced in car door lock repair, steering locks, ignition repairs and emergency car or SUV lockouts.
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Edmonton Locksmith Blog

What we offer? Get Professional Locksmith Service in Edmonton - 25/09/2019

For lockouts and lock issues that need to be repaired urgently, we provide same day service. We do not want your security to be compromised, so we offer 24 hours locksmith Edmonton service. However, our trained locksmith in Edmonton is accessible 24 hours, and our mobile is always ready to deliver our service.

We believe in providing nothing less than an excellent quality service. Our highly trained experts run a thorough inspection to identify the root cause of damage and provide the best solution. Our experts will guide you about the best security installation to avoid any inconvenience. Additionally, our top priority is customer satisfaction and provides a complete after a lockout or break-in lock repair and lock change service.

Our locksmith in Edmonton is available 24/7, and each day of the year. Our Edmonton locksmith does the job near perfectly.

We provide a solution no one else does.

  • Our 24h locksmith service in Edmonton is your go-to option in case you need to change your locks. We are a licensed company by the Government of Alberta, and we ensure complete screening of our experts. Our trained experts are clean and have no criminal record. So, your safety is ensured, and you can completely trust our professionals.
  • Our qualified locksmith Edmonton offers the best lock changing services. Our team visits your place in no time to help you improve security by minimizing the break-in risks. Additionally, we have brilliant professionals and some of the best in locksmith Edmonton market.
  • If you look for the best locksmiths near me, our locksmith service in Edmonton is the right option.

Our 24 Hours Around The Clock Service Covers The Following:

Lockout Services

If you are stuck outside your house or forget your office keys inside at previous night. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out of this lockout. Our quick service will be at your doorstep the same day. We have some of the best locksmiths in Edmonton. We ensure you get the best locksmith in Edmonton when you look for “locksmiths near me.”

Broken Lock Repair And Replace Services

Locks ensure the safety of your property, and if they are damaged, you are an open invitation to burglary. Our trained experts thoroughly inspect the lock and identify the root cause. They will provide you the best solution and suggest a top-notch security installation.

They don’t just repair them but replace them if needed. Old locks are often an open risk and do not assure safety. So we inspect them and check if they need to be replaced.

When you look for best locksmiths near me for lock repair, our Edmonton locksmith should be your choice.

Burglary Repair 24 Hours Locksmith Service In Edmonton 

Burglary and break-ins often left you with broken locks and shattered doors. Their repair can prove to be expensive if the best Edmonton locksmith does not offer you. Our experts ensure perfect repair and new locks installation.

We understand the depressed state of mind after you experience a burglary at your location. So the first thing you need is lock replacement and new lock installation. Our experts will perform a complete security check and survey your weak location points. However, they will ensure you get the best Edmonton locksmith services when you look for “locksmiths near me.”

Burglary repairs in Edmonton are expected to be performed by the best locksmith in Edmonton. When you need locksmith Edmonton and wonder who will be the perfect locksmiths near me, we offer the best locksmith in Edmonton.

Why Hire Our Services?

The answer is simple.

  • Our industry centered experience and highly expert technicians are what make us stand out. It doesn’t matter if it is a lock repair service, lock installation service or lockout our best Edmonton locksmith are here.
  • Our Edmonton locksmith 24-hour service ensures you get the job done the same day and don’t leave your property open for break-ins. When you are stuck and suffer from a lockout, you look for locksmiths near me, and our locksmith is near, and a cherry on top of the cake is they are best.
  • With the right tools in the hands of highly expert Edmonton locksmith, we know how to deliver the best!

So what are you waiting for? Hire the experts now.

Our Professional Locksmith Service After Burglary in Edmonton Alberta Canada - 04/07/2019

Since how long you have been looking for the expert lock changer in Edmonton Alberta Canada? Was the last time Edmonton Locksmith service not that much good? Has the main door lock been jammed or out of function? Well, worry no more! Trust us, we have got you covered!

24hours Around The Clock After Burglary Change Lock Edmonton Services

We have been offering our precious clients with nothing, but the best they deserve. Our highly qualified, and experienced technician check the root cause of the issue, and always suggest the best technology to be installed, so that avoid break-in for the next time. We put our customer’s satisfaction and needs at priority, and operate a complete after burglary locksmith Edmonton service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and even 365 days a year. Unlike other companies in the market, we are not money-makers instead supply you with efficiency, advancement, and affordability. So you can trust our services as our professional locksmiths are always ready to tackle lock problems, no matter the time of day or night, we are still available for you. 

What Is More? 

We don’t charge you hidden cost, or call-out charges, we are fair in our dealings.

Our Emergency Locksmith Services Include

  • Lockout services
  • Replacing broken and old locks
  • Installation & repair of locks
  • Burglary repairs

So if you are looking for urgent assistance, then don’t worry because we are always here to help you, no matter how much severe the condition is. 

But Why Choose Our Professional Locksmith Services?

Well, the reasons are simple:

  • We are the experts, with years of experience in hands.
  • Our technician army is loaded with advanced equipment and tools.
  • Thousands of successful and satisfied clients back our business.
  • We surpass your expectations by delivering more than you pay for.
  • Time, commitment, professionalism, and determination are what makes us different from others in the market.

After Burglary Lock Installation Service

Are you in search for the most reputed and honest Locksmith Edmonton Company who can offer you emergency change lock Edmonton services? If yes, then we have come to the right service page. Don’t panic! If your home or business property has been broken into, it happens, and the damage also caused when the burglar tries to enter forcefully by using lock cutting tools. In any such condition, there is an urgent need to make your property safe. Trust us; no one can provide you that much fast service which we are offering you. We can repair your door lock and make it functional again.

After Burglary Lock Change Edmonton Service For All Kinds

Have you been suffering from the despondent state by the time you have come to know that broken-in has happened? We can understand your problem, and we know lock change is the only thing that comes to mind after the burglary. Congratulations, we are with you because our team of professionals is ready to help you. Whether you want to repair your door lock, or need the new one, for them, this is a piece of cake. We can provide you the level of security for all locks with a free security survey; no other company is offering you such service.

So get peace of mind, and contact us now.



24h Locksmith Service in Edmonton Alberta Canada - 02/06/2019

Welcome to 24h locksmith service in Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Hey, did you get yourself locked out of the home or office after misplacing your lock keys ?

Don’t need to panic! 24h locksmith service has covered you. With our 24h emergency locksmith service in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, you can ensure that you will get the best service, on time, and at highly affordable prices. For the past many years, we have been serving commercial and residential customers with our professional locksmith services. Our services are highly customized according to severe locksmith conditions. We are your saviors and offer you the most valuable solutions. 

We are your go-to solution! 

24h locksmith is your go-to locksmith if you need to replace the old ones by installing the new lock systems for your home and business. The Government of Alberta fully licenses our company, and we ensure you all our locksmith technicians are bonded and screened. So your safety is at a peak and is going to exceed with our services. Our qualified locksmiths in Edmonton offer the best lock changing services. They visit your place just after your one call and improve security by minimizing the break-in risks. 

Our Locksmith Services

Our comprehensive and professional lineup of locksmith services include

  • Home lockout
  • Office lockout
  • Emergency Locksmith

If you want to learn more about our locksmith services, then you can give us a call today! 

Break-in repair and home security

We know homes and businesses break-ins are disruptive. Doors with poor locks can easily be kicked in to access entry. But don’t worry, 24h locksmith service in Edmonton Alberta Canada makes sure you offer the top-notch lock repair and changing services to eliminate further damage from a break-in.

Every year hundreds of homes and offices break-in

24h locksmith Edmonton know the due to poorly secured lock, anyone can break down at your place. An unsecured door frame can easily be spilt during a successful break-in attempt. Our professional locksmiths have the expertise to improve the security of any entryway. Our solutions help people avoiding abrupt break-ins.

Can my lock be rekeyed if I have misplaced the keys?

Well, it all depends on the type of lock installed at your place. Most of the time, we help our customers in rekeying locks. However, sometimes a lock will not pick open and thus. We are making it extremely difficult to rekey. But the good news is, our services help you get a variety of locks services. 

Why choose us?    

It’s simple! We are a professional locksmith company with years of immense experience in handling emergency locksmith conditions for both residential and commercial areas in Edmonton. With our range of services available, people can assure they will have the best lockout, changing locks, and rekey services. We are 24h here, and offer the emergency services for security locks. With the right tools and materials, we know how to speed up our job.

Contact Us!

So wait no more, no miracle can help you; but only the professional locksmith services.

Keys out? What to do? — Locksmith in Edmonton AB Canada - 27/04/2019

Hire the best locksmith Edmonton Services!

Fast Emergency House / Apartment Lockouts

  • Lock Change
  • Rekey Locks
  • Request A Quote Now!

Same day—Emergency Service

Edmonton AB Canada is known for the popular locksmiths and 24h locksmiths are no.1 at the list. We can handle simple and complex residential and commercial locksmith tasks effortlessly. We use the latest tools and equipment to get our clients out of unwanted situations. So if you are looking for a locksmith near me services, then our highly trained locksmiths will visit your place and help you in the best possible way.

Locked Out the Home?

Have you forgotten your keys inside your home or lost them somewhere? Are they stuck outside of your door? Whatever the problem is, we ensure you that on your single call we would be there. Remember, we are here to solve your problems and are just a call away. We are the ones who care about your security and go beyond our level to exceed your expectations.

Same day Installation and Repair Services

Our highly trained staff strive to provide convenience to clients by offering same day installation and repair services for residential and commercial places. We have hired the best Edmonton Locksmiths who are certified and licensed. They visit your location in Edmonton AB Canada and provide top-notch professional assistance.

Are your locks old?

Are you looking for professional Edmonton Locksmith services? You have worked 9 hours a day and now picked up the kids from school and on your way home. At reaching you need to do rush in and pull up into the driveway. You run up to your main door and spend 10 minutes trying to get the lock to open but failed.

Our doors are meant to open and welcome us, however, not to keep us out. Replacing your old door locks can help you avoid such inconveniences that you simply don’t want to experience in daily life. So call us today, and we will send a team of Edmonton locksmiths to your place to replace your old, fully tore lock.


Break up is not uncommon, but it is not an easy thing as well. The first thing you should do is replace your old lock with the new one. No matter how smooth or messy the break up was, at some time there was some degree of trust lost. It might seem an unnecessary precaution at the beginning, but it’s necessary to protect your space before anything bad happens again.

You have lost your keys!

Well, it just happened to all of us, a busy day of running or just an average unlucky day. Somewhere your keys grew legs and walked away. You can go your home, get the keys from a partner, and make a new copy of that key, but that just not done.

You might have access to your locks on your door, but you will live everyday knowing someone unknown has access to your lock. The solution is to replace them and get peace of mind.

So give us a call today and we will offer you the best locksmith in Edmonton services.


When To Call A Locksmith? Know Top 4 Emergencies

Why We Leave Behind Other Locksmith Companies In Edmonton

Edmonton Locksmith is a reliable locksmith company that provides top-notch solutions throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. When it comes to quality lock and key service,s we are definitely the best choice. Our low service charges deliver peace of mind knowing that your property is in safe and professional hands.

When you call us, we will reach you to undertake a security audit. Our years of experience and professional training help us determine the best fit for your security needs. We have the expertise and tools that make us competent to handle every type of lock and key. We always strive to meet your needs, that’s why, we are available 24/7. Call us for free estimates and same day service!

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Edmonton's Trustworthy Locksmith.

Lock Repair to Lock Replacement & Entry Locks, We Handle All.


What Makes Us The Best Locksmith Company in Edmonton?


Be it residential or commercial locksmith needs, we are skilled and equipped to undertake any kind of task.


Our locksmiths in Edmonton promise to reach you within a few minutes of your service call, fully equipped for on-the-spot service.


All our locksmiths are highly professional and experienced. They know how to prevent a lock and key issue in an efficient manner.


We are committed to delivering high quality services at affordable prices. No surprise fees, no obligation. We are always upfront & fair.

24/7 Availability

We know emergencies come anytime. That’s why, we operate 24/7, so that you don’t have to struggle with faulty locks for long.

Latest Equipment

We stay abreast with the latest technology to advance our services. Our state-of-the-art equipments allow us deliver quality solutions.

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