4 Safety Tips To Follow When Moving To A New Home

4 Safety Tips To Follow When Moving To A New Home Moving is both daunting and exciting, especially if you are moving for the first time. People often forget to consider safety and security of their family before shifting to a new place. Just packing the bags and valuables is not enough. There is great need to focus on the security of a premise to prevent thefts or attacks. A new bungalow or apartment that offers a fresh feel and is secured offers a peace of mind. Before moving, call in a residential locksmith to install and replace the existing locks with the modern ones. Some tips to follow while shifting to a new location are: 1. Meet your new neighbors Everyone needs to live in a secure and peaceful atmosphere. To ensure that the home you have bought is perfect in all aspects, meet and consult your neighbors. Ask them about the crime percentage in the area. Moreover, its good to meet your neighbors, especially when you are living alone. 2. Install home security system Its better to be safe than sorry. No matter, how safe and secure your neighborhood is, its quite essential to install a high tech home security system. One can also opt for installing a security camera to make sure you have a monitored access to your property. Moreover, a home with camera and security system installation is less prone to unwanted access and thefts. 3. Get new door locks There are great chances that the tenants who were living previously in your new home may still be having access to the door keys. This can pose a threat to your family and belongings. Therefore, to prevent risks of burglaries, its better to replace the old existing locks with the latest digital or keyless locking systems. 4. Install a door with peep hole The latest trends in home security is installing doors that consist of a peep hole from where one can easily see who’s standing outside. Whenever someone knocks at the door, do ask them who’s outside. For extra safety, watch from the peep hole to see whether the person is known or stranger. These are the few tips that can help in ensuring a safe and secure new home. If you are looking to move to a new location in Edmonton, call in our emergency locksmiths for lock inspection and replacement.