4 Reasons To Install New Door Locks

4 Reasons To Install New Door Locks Locks are installed to enhance the security of a premise. No matter, you live in an apartment or a bungalow, there is need to install high security door locks. If you are shifting to a new home, then the need of replacing the existing locks with the modern digital locking system is likely more. For every responsible homeowner, security and safety of his family and belongings is the foremost concern. If the existing locks on your main doors are damaged or old, then its better advised to go for new lock installations that is both sturdy and strong. Some of the reasons to replace the existing door locks are: 1. It prevents burglaries & break-ins Traditional locks lack the strength and salient features that modern locks posses. Moreover, they are made of metallic cylindrical structures that doesn’t look pretty enough. Since these locks can only be accessed using fingerprints and security codes, there are fewer chances of lock bumping and forced access. To safeguard your property against burglaries and intruders, opt for digital lock installation. 2. It averts lockout situations Since modern locks doesn’t require a pair of keys to undergo the locking mechanism, one can greatly prevent lockout situations. Moreover, old and damaged locks tend to break anytime. A person can also end up having a stuck key inside the keyhole. In order to prevent this situation, an ultimate solution is to go for lock replacement.

3. It ensures your family’s safety

If you are moving a new home that was previously owned by some other family, then it’s your responsibility to get the existing door locks replaced with more secured ones. There are chances that the previous owners might still be having a set of spare or duplicate keys for the door locks. To prevent any unpleasant situation, call in an emergency locksmith to get all the locks replaced before actually moving your luggage into the new home.

4. It enhances your home’s security

Old or faulty locks can never guarantee safety of a premise. Such locks can be easily hammered, bumped or picked by intruders to gain easy access inside a property. To make sure that your home and family remains protected, opt for installing high security electronic locks that operate using a fingerprint. You can also consider security cameras and alarm system installation. These are some benefits of replacing the existing old door locks with new security systems. If you are looking for a trusted locksmith company in Edmonton to get your home locks replaced, consider calling our expert residential lock technicians at Prompt Locksmith.

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