Top Benefits Of Having A Spare Lock Key

Did you ever face a lockout situation? If yes, then you may be aware of the frustration or embarrassment one goes through at this moment. No one wants to get stranded and locked out of their own home. An easy solution to avoid such a stressful situation is to install high level security locks that come with a pair of spare keys. By having access to these keys, a homeowner can combat a home or office lockout without any hassles. Moreover, duplicate keys are also of great assistance in case, one has misplaced or lost the original lock keys. Its better to carry a spare key with you all the time, or give to one of your neighbors or friends who can later assist you to tackle a home lockout.

Some advantages offered by a spare key are:

1. Fast key replacement:

If you are having a spare key with you at the time of lockout, you’ll not only be able to access the door but can also get a duplicate key cut within a shorter time. A residential locksmith can make a new key with much ease, especially if you give them a spare key for copying and key cutting.

2. Prevent unwanted lockouts

This is one of the worthiest benefit offered by a spare key. It allows a homeowner to access his property even when the original keys are misplaced or lost. By carrying a pair of spare keys all the time, one can greatly prevent an accidental lockout.

3. Saves money on repairs

If your original lock keys are locked or misplaced, you mat need to call a local emergency locksmith for service. This results in time and money wastage that gets utilized in lock repairs and replacement. With a spare key, one can access a door without any professional assistance that in turn, saves money.

4. Provides more convenience

If your main door is accessed by most of the family members with a same key, then chances are that the key will wear down or damage easily. An easy solution to this problem is to create many duplicate copies of a spare key and distribute them among the family members.

These are some of the benefits offered by a spare key. If you are looking for an expert locksmith for reliable and affordable lock repairs and replacements, look no further than Prompt Locksmith Edmonton.