4 Tips To Pick The Right Lock For Your Home

Most targeted properties for thefts and burglaries are those that lack in modern security and lock systems. Burglars usually target homes with easy to pick and hammer locks. If you are still resting on traditional locks to ensure the safety of your premise, you are on the wrong track. Though most of the outdated locks are hard to break through, not all of them grant effective security. It’s better to stay on a safe side by installing modern keyless locks, digital locks, deadbolts and high tech security systems.

Some features to look for in your new locking systems include:

  • Key Control
    Opt for locks with key control feature which makes key copying quite difficult. The conventional keys accompanied with traditional locks can be easily duplicated while the access keys for the key controlled locks can be copied only by the manufacturer.
  • Deadbolt With Keys
    Nowadays, the market is flooded with deadbolts which operate using one or more keys. They are composed of keyholes which are meant to insert keys to open different levers inside the deadbolt. The keys accompanied with these deadbolts are quite special and can’t be copied by the unauthorized technicians.
  • Anti-drill Locks
    One of the common techniques followed by the burglars to break through your locked doors is by drilling the locks installed on the exteriors. To prevent any unauthorized access, replace your existing locks with the anti-drill lock systems.
  • Resistant Strike Plates
    One of the most vulnerable parts of the lock is the strike plate which is damaged while picking the lock. To make sure your lock is hard or impossible to pick. Opt for the home locks with a resistant strike plate and screw with at least three inches in length.

So, these were some of the easy tips that are helpful in choosing the right lock for your home. If you are looking for a new lock installation in Edmonton, consider hiring our lock technicians at Prompt Locksmith Edmonton.