Rekey Vs Locks Replacement

Often your key shows problems like keep on turning but not operating the lock. Mostly, it happens with traditional or older locks. In this situation, people prefer to change the lock while you have another solution to rekey it. Not so many people are aware of rekeying. As compared to rekey, changing the lock may cost you higher.

Well, rekey is a process of changing the inner mechanism of the lock so that it can work with another key. Thus, you will keep the same lock, but use a new key to operate it. To rekey a lock, your locksmith may need a present passkey. If you don’t have the key, then you will approach the lock-pick which may also end up being an expensive deal.

When Do You Need Rekey?

Rekey your lock neither decrease nor improve your home security. It is just a simple way to prevent inconvenience with your lock key. Another benefit of rekeying, it saves your money that you have to spend on lock change. You may need to rekey your lock when:

  • The old key is not working correctly.
  • You have lost or misplaced your keys and don’t want anyone to make its duplicate.
  • You want to stop the access of anyone (ex-worker) in your premises.
  • You moved into a new location and wanted rekey to prevent the inconvenience of finding a reliable locksmith.

When Do You Need To Change Locks?

Changing your home locks is a different matter, it may happen when

  • You door locks are rusted and looking older.
  • You want to improve the security of your premises.
  • You want to replace your traditional locks and install the electronic or smart locks.
  • Your locks are not functioning well.
  • The lock has an internal issue, and they are getting jammed.

There is a lot of difference between lock changing and rekey. No matter, you are looking for lock replacement or rekey services, you can reach Edmonton Locksmith to get your job done accurately. We provide the residential, commercial or automotive lock and key services. Call us today for free estimates and same day services.

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