When Is The Right Time To Change Your Home Locks?


Are you concerned about your family’s safety and security? If yes, the first step in ensuring their safety is to protect your property by installing high quality digital locks. A property without proper locks and alarms is more prone to thefts. To remain on a safer side, it is advised to call licensed locksmiths to install keyless locks in your home. In case, the locks are already there, consider replacing them with the modern and more durable lock options. Some reasons to replace the residential locks include:

  • A previous break-in or burglary attempt
    If you have fallen a victim to theft or break-in attempt in your home within the past few months, it is strictly recommended getting the locks replaced. There are chances that the burglars still have the access to your property or know how to break the existing locks. By installing keyless locks, you can ensure the safety of your premise.
  • You have lost your keys somewhere
    In case, you had recently lost your home keys but considered having a duplicate key instead of getting the lock replaced, your property is on a high risk of getting burglarized. There are great chances that someone might have seen the keys falling from your pocket or bag and have secretly followed you. If you are really worried about your family’s security, get the locks replaced at once.
  • The locks are outdated and worn out
    Nowadays, the market has been flooded with modern lock systems and deadbolts that promise more security and durability. To much extent, their promise is real as the digital locks provide more security compared to the traditional locks. If the locks on your front doors are outdated or worn-out, get them replaced with the modern ones.

So, these are some of the best reasons to change your home locks with a prompt response. Being a responsible homeowner, the safety of your family should be the foremost priority. If you are seeking a new lock installation service, look no further than our trusted lock technicians at Prompt Locksmith Edmonton.